A woman checking the inventory performance index score

What is Inventory Performance Index (IPI) Score

Inventory management is critical to your success as an Amazon seller. After all, if your best-selling items run out of stock, you’ll lose sales and the sales rank traction you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Overstocking, on the other hand, … Read More

Preparing a package for a Amazon return

How to Reduce Amazon Returns

It’s not easy to sell on Amazon. The rivalry is fierce, and you must continually innovate to stay ahead of the competitors. But, unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar store, your effort continues beyond a sale. Product returns on E-commerce platforms are … Read More

Woman dealing with negative customer reviews

Tips to Deal with Negative Amazon Reviews

As more customers turn to Amazon to check product reviews and ratings before making a purchase, it is critical for sellers to ensure that people are saying positive things about their products. Not only do product ratings influence sales, but … Read More

Amazon SEO

How to Do Amazon SEO for Your Store in 2023

After Google and YouTube, Amazon is the world’s third-largest search engine. However, Amazon has one significant advantage over Google and YouTube – every search made on Amazon has purchasing intent. Every search engine has an optimization that, if done right, … Read More

Wholesale on Amazon analytics

Wholesale on Amazon — Is it Right for You?

Amazon is known for being one of the world’s largest online retailers, but did you know that it also offers a wholesale program? If you want to grow your business, selling wholesale on Amazon might be right for you. In … Read More

People involved in Q4 Action Planning on Amazon

Q4 Action Planning on Amazon

The fourth quarter, also known as Q4 on Amazon, is unquestionably the most critical time of year for all online and offline retailers. More specifically, the beginning of October to the end of December is called the “holiday season.” Q4 … Read More

3 to do actions in Quarterly Action Planning for Amazon

3 Actions in Quarterly Action Planning for Amazon

Many Amazon FBA Sellers need help with quarterly action planning on Amazon. Everyone wants their sales to go up each quarter, but the reality is that sales can’t go up by themselves. So FBA Sellers need to make a plan … Read More

Difference in inventory between Amazon FBA and Dropshipping

Amazon FBA and Dropshipping – Main Differences

Amazon FBA and Dropshipping are two well-known eCommerce business models. However, while both methods appear similar, they differ in terms of inventory management. Both business models help eCommerce store owners manage their orders and logistics. These are essential for streamlining … Read More

Person coming up with strategies to succeed in Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Strategies for Success

As the world’s largest eCommerce platform, Amazon offers a tremendous opportunity to build or start a business. However, navigating this vast and multifaceted marketplace can be difficult, especially without prior knowledge or experience. To succeed in this field, you need … Read More

Preparing a box for return sand refunds on Amazon

How to Handle Returns and Refunds on Amazon

Returns and refunds on Amazon are a big obstacle for FBA Sellers.eCommerce return rates are extremely high in 2021 compared to traditional retail stores. For example, return rates for brick-and-mortar stores are around 8%. On the other hand, eCommerce return … Read More