Tips to Win the Amazon Buy Box

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Every Amazon FBA Seller’s biggest challenge is winning over the Buy Box. The Buy Box aims to streamline the buying process and make it easier for customers to buy items from a certain seller or shop. Although other vendors may offer the same product, the Buy Box usually highlights the listing from the seller that Amazon considers to be the best option based on characteristics such as price, Shipping, and customer support metrics.

In other words, if you win over the Buy Box, Amazon will push your products to the first page, and this will increase your sales drastically. Please remember that not all products have a Buy Box, especially in specific categories or when Amazon offers the product directly. In this article, we will go over a few tips on winning the Buy Box on Amazon.

How to Win Over the Amazon Buy Box

To win over Amazon’s Buy Box, there are a few factors that you need to monitor and tips you should be aware of, including:

  • Wholeseller’s Repricer
  • Use Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Manage Inventory
  • Fast shipping
  • Offering free shipping and Amazon Prime
  • Your customer support needs to be on point
  •  Buy Box eligibility status

Wholeseller’s Repricer

Using a tool like a repricer will make it so much easier for you to win over the Buy Box. Wholeseller’s Repricer is a feature in our software for repricing products automatically based on your custom rules. It’s very easy to use, and it saves a lot of time. Instead of going through all of your products and searching on Amazon to see if your competitors have a better offer for the same product, Wholeseller’s repricing tool does the job for you. This repricing software has features allowing you to adjust your level. It consistently fights and changes the price, so you don’t have to worry.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon’s Fulfillment service helps sellers store their products in an Amazon Fulfillment Center and ships them to their customers. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced seller, you can still win the Buy Box by using FBA as your fulfillment option. When you use Amazon FBA as a fulfillment option, you’re automatically “Buy Box eligible.” This means that Amazon’s algorithm favors FBA sellers and increases their chances of winning the Buy Box. 

Manage Inventory

Your Inventory must be regularly monitored, updated, and managed. Because every product that receives the Buy Box is always in stock, this will benefit everyone, including you, the seller. Remember that the Buy Box’s main objective is to serve customers and always provide the buyer with the best options, prices, and stock availability. That is why inventory management and stock availability are so important. 

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping is also a huge factor to consider if you want to win the Buy Box. First of all, it gives you a great advantage because your customers will be happy that they received their products on time. This will increase your chances of getting a 5-star review and positive customer feedback. 

Secondly, Amazon prefers every order to ship on time; to be more exact, more than 96% of orders must be shipped on time in order to win the Buy Box. In the Seller Central Account, the default shipment settings are 1-2 days, so make sure to customize your handling time if you need more confidence in delivering on time.

Offering Free Shipping and Amazon Prime

As mentioned above, the Buy Box boosts and ranks products that have the best offer. We talk about how you can stay competitive with Wholeseller’s Repricing tool, but to be a step ahead of everyone, it’s always a good idea to be unique in your product offer. For example, you can make different bundles that will give the customer more. Also, everyone loves free Shipping, making the customer’s choice more accessible. A great strategy is to match Amazon’s Prime shipping and deliver products to customers within two days.

Your Customer Support Needs to Be on Point

In our previous articles, we talked about how to reduce Amazon returns. The better the customer support, the more buyers will leave positive reviews on your product page. This will result in increased sales, and because you have great reviews, the buy box will choose your product instead of your competitors.

Quick reminder, ensure that in every interaction with your customers, to be polite and respectful. It’s great to send out a more personalized email, and if they ask for refunds, don’t hesitate to return their money or resend a new product.

Buy Box Eligibility Status

“Buy Box eligible” is granted to seasoned sellers who have demonstrated exceptional success on Amazon. You must have a professional account to be eligible for the Buy Box. A professional account is $39.99 a month, but if you are competing for a Buy Box, it is well worth the money. If you need help determining whether your store is eligible for Buy Box, you can look it up in your Seller Central account.

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