How to Reduce Amazon Returns

Preparing a package for a Amazon return

It’s not easy to sell on Amazon. The rivalry is fierce, and you must continually innovate to stay ahead of the competitors. But, unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar store, your effort continues beyond a sale. Product returns on E-commerce platforms are a seller’s worst nightmare. An unhappy client or a returned product can significantly impact your credibility and profitability. So the questions are, how to handle returns and refunds, and how to reduce Amazon returns while distinguishing yourself from the competition? 

Customers have the option to return items for several reasons. While some returns are unavoidable, there are numerous strategies for a seller to lower their Amazon product return rate and avoid falling into the bottomless pit of E-commerce. Here are the steps to help you reduce Amazon returns and enhance your rate:

  • Detailed product description
  • Excellent packaging 
  • Shipping and delivery on time
  • 360-degree product images 
  • Product videos
  • Use feedback and customer reviews
  • Ensure timely customer support

Detailed Product Description

If there are any aspects that an image cannot express, make sure you cover them in your product description. A thorough product description is essential for reducing Amazon returns since it reduces the amount of misled purchases. A good product description can inform clients about the product’s intricacies, such as measurements, color options, and materials utilized to create it. When customers know what they’re getting, they’re less inclined to return the product once it’s been delivered. Ensure to include crucial facts in your product title so customers can easily find the content.

Depending on what you’re offering, you should also include a size mapping. For example, clothing and shoe sizes differ between brands. Customers must be provided with specific numerical figures to avoid size confusion. This is one of the most common and avoidable reasons for Amazon product returns. 

Excellent Packaging

The online shopping experience of a customer does not end after a product is purchased. Packaging can help you increase sales significantly. Packaging is more than simply knowing how to pack an item. It is also about making sure that the proper products are packed in the first place. Always double-check your orders to ensure that clients receive the merchandise they requested. 

You must deliver the correct goods to protect your online store’s reputation. Make careful to follow Amazon’s packaging guidelines while packing your products. This will help to prevent damage and reduce Amazon returns due to broken goods.

Shipping and Delivery on Time

Customers have deadlines as well. Their purchase could be a birthday present or a holiday gift; therefore, waiting for the thing is out of the question. When you get an order, ensure the product is shipped on time every time. While there are always logistical issues beyond the seller’s control, you can ship orders immediately. 

If the order is late, there is always the possibility that the product will be returned, resulting in an avoidable blemish on your seller’s record. On the other hand, Amazon handles fulfillment for FBA sellers, so all you have to do is keep track of your inventory. 

360-Degree Product Images

The product photograph on Amazon is the initial point of contact with potential buyers, so making an excellent first impression is critical. But how do they relate to Amazon returns? 

Selling on Amazon or other E-commerce platforms differs from selling in a traditional retail store. For example, in a retail store, customers can visually inspect and judge the quality of the items. On the other hand, Amazon and other E-commerce platforms provide relatively few visual indications to customers about the product they are about to purchase. 

Sellers must overcome that gap with outstanding product photography. Providing your customers with a 360-degree image of the item is the most effective strategy to reduce returns. However, don’t overlook important visual information so the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting.

Video of the Product

Videos are an awesome marketing tool. Because you won’t be able to make a sales pitch in person, ensure your product video fills that void. A product video can assist clients in better comprehending the product and making an informed buying decision. It condenses your product photos and descriptions into an easily digestible visual bundle, filling the visual and sensory gap that usually bothers online customers. Remember, you can only add videos and additional visual content if you are an Amazon-registered brand.

Use Feedback and Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and feedback are critical for enhancing your service and products. Therefore, keep a watch on customer feedback and reviews at all times. To reduce your return rates, try to figure out why your product was returned and work to solve the problem. It’s always a good idea to contact the buyer directly. If a buyer requests a refund, get in touch to examine what can be done and how this problem can be prevented in the future. 

Direct and transparent communication is frequently required to ensure the buyer does not post negative feedback about the seller. You can take this further by asking your customers to complete a brief multiple-choice survey to understand better and address underlying concerns. 

Ensure Timely Customer Support

Because of Amazon’s customer-friendly return rules, you frequently have no choice as a vendor if a product is returned. On the other hand, returned goods provide an opportunity for a seller to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, Amazon sellers must resolve customer complaints in real-time and provide a channel for customers to report their issues.

This helps alleviate customers’ concerns and boost their trust in your brand. In addition, a positive customer experience often results in more purchases and a reduced Amazon return rate.

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