Marketing Strategies for Amazon Wholesalers

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Nowadays, Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces. To thrive in this fiercely competitive world, you must stand out among many others. And that means it’s essential to implement effective business strategies. Here, we’ll explore and discuss different marketing strategies for Amazon wholesalers. From sponsored display ads to creating fantastic brand stories, leverage your visibility and promotion. By optimizing your advertizing strategies, you can stay ahead of the competition and be a successful Amazon Wholesale seller. 

PPC Advertizing

The PPC marketing refers to the seller paying when someone clicks on their ad. It is a commonly used marketing campaign by Amazon wholesalers and offers many options. Let’s go through the three main types of advertizing campaigns and the flexibility they offer:

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads are an excellent option for Amazon wholesalers just starting with marketing since they are simple to set up and understand. Also, they can be very effective when done correctly. They are displayed alongside organically appearing products on the search results page for specific research. These ads are based on the keyword you choose.

Simply, you just set a bid of 1.30$, for example, on a particular keyword, and when someone clicks on the product placed in the search results, you will be charged 1.30$. Sponsored Display Ads offer two different types of targeting according to their broad spectrum of users and audiences:

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is the first type of targeting available when it comes to Sponsored Display advertizing. This targeting is based on shoppers searching for relevant keywords to your advertized products, the ones that viewed detail pages of your advertized products, and those who have previously purchased your products.  

Product Targeting

Product targeting is based on targeting specific product listings you choose to show your advertized product. This type targets specific categories for displaying your advertized products. 

Sponsored Products

This type of marketing significantly increases your product’s visibility, allowing them to reach a broader audience and potentially increase sales. After doing proper keyword research, you can launch your Sponsored Product campaign quickly. This campaign appears on the organic and search results pages and competing product listing pages. 

Automatic-targeting ads

With automatic-targeting ads, Amazon decides which keywords to target based on the product you’re selling. This is an excellent option for beginners because Amazon’s algorithm takes all the keyword work off your hands and determines to target keywords. It’s a great opportunity to see which keywords are ranking in Amazon and whether they convert into sales. The algorithm analyzes your product listings, customer search items, and relevant keywords to maximize conversions and clicks. 

Manual-targeting ads

With manual-targeting ads, you, as an Amazon Wholesale seller, decide which keywords or products you want to target with your campaign. Manual targeting enables sellers complete control over setting their keyword search specificity to a broad or exact match:

  • Broad-match targeted keywords can appear in any order and include additional words. 
  • Exact match targeted keywords means that for customers to see your ad, they need to enter your keywords as you wrote them.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands ads are focused on your brand and tend to build brand awareness. They display your brand’s logo, selected products in each ad, and a custom headline. Customers who click on this ad are redirected to a specific landing page with product listings. 

Product Display Ads

Product display adds a function to capture the customer’s attention while looking at similar products or page listings. As an Amazon Wholesaler, you can target this ad based on customer interests, related categories, and specific product listings. They often appear on the right-hand side or within the related products section. This is an effective way to target particular customer segments or cross-selling. 

External Traffic

Driving external traffic as an Amazon Wholesaler is always a great marketing technique. Social media marketing (SMM) nowadays is an effective way to market your products and services. Some of the most important benefits of advertizing on social media are:

  1. Connecting the brand with customers
  2. Increasing brand awareness
  3. Increasing number of conversions that convert into sales
  4. A chance to reach millions of potential customers
  5. Direct communication

Enhanced Brand Content

EBC is a valuable marketing strategy for Amazon wholesalers, as they can customize and upgrade their product listings. It enables you to create a unique and compelling shopping experience for your customers. For example, you can create a story for your brand using multimedia and persuasive copy. EBC is the best way for your brand to gain value and for your products to remain with high-value propositions. Also, it can improve your conversions, leading to more sales.

Special Deals and Coupons

As an Amazon Wholesaler, using special deals and coupons effectively drives traffic, conversions, and sales. It creates a sense of urgency and incentivizes customers that they need to make a purchase. For example, lightning deals are a great way to do it, as they include a countdown timer and attract many customers. Also, you can offer digital coupons to your customers that provide an additional incentive, and they can perceive the product as a special offer or discount.  

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