Tips to Deal with Negative Amazon Reviews

Woman dealing with negative customer reviews

As more customers turn to Amazon to check product reviews and ratings before making a purchase, it is critical for sellers to ensure that people are saying positive things about their products. Not only do product ratings influence sales, but they also influence Amazon search rankings.

Poor Amazon reviews are always an annoyance. 1-star ratings can lower a product’s average rating if it does not already have a solid collection of positive reviews. Of course, you want to provide the best product and customer service possible. However, your concern for your customers’ well-being is only part of the story. 

A lousy brand reputation can turn people off from all of your products, not just one. Negative product reviews and seller feedback can erode consumer trust and portray your brand as untrustworthy. This can seriously harm, if not destroy, your business over time. 

The question is, what do you do if you get a lot of negative product reviews? Negative reviews should be approached and resolved professionally and courteously. The general rule is never to ask customers to remove negative feedback immediately. Customers will believe you are only concerned with your brand/image and are unwilling to resolve the issue. Instead, you must demonstrate to your customers that you care. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and ask how to help them change or improve their situation. Customers always value excellent customer service.

Why Is It Important to Manage Negative Reviews on Amazon?

Remember that even if a product has high ratings, many buyers skip right to negative reviews. Instead, they want to understand the potential problems with the product. Then, like many other customers, they look for a reason not to buy.

As a result, negative reviews can directly lead to a significant drop in sales. Of course, as a seller, you naturally want to avoid this, and you may wonder, “What should I do about negative reviews? Is there anything I can do?”

As a part of the Amazon FBA Program, this is important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your Amazon conversions have dropped: One disadvantage is that negative Amazon reviews directly impact your conversion rates. This causes your store’s ranking to drop, meaning you’ll have fewer clicks on your products and brand and fewer sales in your store. As a result, Amazon conversion rates can have a significant impact on your business in a variety of ways.
  • Negative Amazon reviews destroy customer trust: If a customer is new to your store, reading customer reviews is the most effective way for them to become acquainted with you and your company. Customers frequently rely on the feedback of their peers and fellow Amazon shoppers to guide them – after all, don’t you? This is especially true in e-commerce, where everything is done online, and buyers can’t physically inspect a product before buying it. Consumers who are new to a particular industry want to minimize risk before purchasing a product they cannot see in person.

Customers Leave Reviews

Another factor to consider is that satisfied customers may leave a review. In contrast, unhappy customers may feel compelled to share their experience and post it on your Amazon store. This means that the reviews on your storefront page may not accurately represent your services. 

You need to get well-deserved positive feedback to fight any disparity between Amazon customer reviews. If you’re a successful Amazon FBA seller, chances are you have more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones. So, why not amplify the voices of those happy customers? But first, incentivize your satisfied customers to leave an honest, positive review on your storefront.

Tips to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews on Amazon

As an Amazon FBA seller, you will receive positive and negative customer feedback. And you may receive negative feedback even if you believe you have done everything correctly. 

While negative Amazon reviews may turn off potential customers, there are ways to manage them to maintain customer loyalty and gain the trust of a potential buyer. Here are some ideas that will help you:

  • Don’t be afraid to make a change
  • Reach out to address the issue directly
  • Request Amazon removal

Don’t Be Afraid (or Too Proud) to Make a Change

A negative review can be justified in some cases. If you notice a pattern in the reviews you receive, you may have a problem with your business that needs to be addressed. This feedback, while frustrating at times, is precious when it can help you improve your operations and, as a result, your Amazon FBA conversion rate in the long run.

If you decide to make changes based on positive or negative customer feedback, sharing where the idea originated with employees and customers is critical. Knowing that customers are holding your brand accountable may make your team feel even more responsible for upholding your brand’s standards.

It’s also important to thank the customer(s) who brought this issue to your attention and explain your steps to improve your business. This shows that the customer was justified in their response, and it also shows future customers that you are open to feedback and willing to fix problems.

Reach Out to Address the Issue Directly

On Amazon, you can publicly respond to every review, positive or negative, demonstrating that you are aware of your customers’ needs and ready to make amends. This may appear simple, but the first step is to address the issue directly with a personal message to the customer. However, keep the following tips in mind when doing so:

  • It is critical NOT to use a blanket statement (examples of typical blanket statements are provided further down) to address each negative review.
  • NOT to ignore the negative review in the hope that it will fade into the past

Responding openly and honestly to negative Amazon reviews can help boost customer satisfaction, maintain your brand image, and demonstrate to future customers that you can assist them in resolving issues. This could even encourage the customer to update the negative review or remove it entirely from the website.

Request Amazon Removal

If you receive a negative review that is false or violates Amazon’s policies, you can contact Amazon directly to request removal. According to Amazon’s most recent seller guidelines, you can.

Requests should be made in Seller Central by creating a new support case. As Amazon is not guaranteed to remove it, this should be used as a last resort after attempting the other tactics suggested in this post.

Negative Amazon reviews are undesirable but unavoidable in running your online business. However, they present you with an opportunity to strengthen your store’s operations and customer relationships and shine a positive light on your brand based on your willingness to respond to them.

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